OnApp version 6.4
FreeBSD templates list [Fri Mar 5 02:00:01 EET 2021]
Please note: the Resizable and Hot-migrate values are only for Xen 3.x and KVM hypervisors on RHEL/CentOS 5.x
Template NameVersionVirtualizationsmin. Disk (Gb)min. RAM (Mb)BaremetalSmartServerOnApp version
FreeBSD 11.0 x641.0xen,kvm,kvm_virtio5512NoYes2.2.0
FreeBSD 11.1 x641.0xen,kvm,kvm_virtio5512NoYes2.2.0
FreeBSD 12.0 x641.0xen,kvm,kvm_virtio5512NoYes2.2.0
pfSense 2.4.3 x641.0xen,kvm,kvm_virtio5512NoYes2.2.0
SpamTitan 6.00 x641.2kvm,kvm_virtio5512NoYes2.2.0
WebTitan 5.07 x641.0xen,kvm,kvm_virtio5512NoYes2.2.0